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January 2021

  • Tag now with same color representation as background
  • Transparent background
  • Legend with symbols and labels for zodiac signs added
  • Different fonts selectable
  • Frame color for current day can be chosen freely
  • New moon phase graphics
  • Zodiac signs now also for previous and next month
  • Performance improvement
  • Error display in January 2021 with too large free space below the day view
  • Error management added for quality assurance

June 2018

  •  - When selecting the "CET / CEST" time zone, daylight saving time cannot be deselected. Fixed.

October 2016

22.10.2016 - Error in the script. October 30 was spent on Sunday and Monday. Error occurred during active summer time. Fixed.


July 2016

23.07.2016 - adding the necessary alt attribute in HTML Snipp


July 2015

  • 07.28.2015 - Error in Spanish translation corrected.

January 2014

01.01.2014 - The February was delivered with the wrong graphic size. Bug fixed.

December 2013

Start of the lunar calendar

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