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Configuring the lunar calendar

This service started operation on Decemberi 07th 2013.

I will be pleased to assist you with your configuring and embedding of the service on your homepage.

You will find an assortment of examples here.

You find the changelog file that provides current information on innovations and bug-fixes of my lunar calendar here.

If difficulties arise at your configuration and embedding of the service on your homepage, please contact me. To be able to help you I need the complete URL of the graphic and your description of the problem.

If you have proposals, want to give support, or want to communicate problems encountered using the service, please do so by using the contact form

Thank you very much for your assistance!

Conditions and Terms of Use of the Moon-Tool

  • This service is free of charge
  • You may embed the Moon-Tool as often as you like in one or more URLs.
  • The sourcecode provided by me may only be implemented on homepages with fully legal contents! Homepages that glorify violence or have pornographic contents are excluded from using this service!
  • Every URL which uses this service must enter a textlink with regard to like this: "A service provided by"
  • The respective textlink must be entered directly next to the Moon-Tool, either above, or below.
  • The graphic must be linked to Misusage or inobservance uf the terms of use will result in exclusion from the service The service may be limited or may be closed at any time without further notice. No liability for damages will be accepted which may be caused by using the Moon-Tool. You use it on your own risk.
  • By using the Moon-Tool you agree to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy specified here.


If you have any further questions, please ask them to me by using the contact form.

Step 1: Basic data

You may create a headline of your choice.


Note ! You can only use letters, ciphers, spaces and hyphens for the headline. The maximum length of the headline is 40 characters.

Please choose the language to be used for the Moon-Tool texts
Sprache (Language):

Do you want to see your location, time zone and legend in the footer?

location, time zone and legend
no display

You now have the option to choose the date of the lunar calendar free. You can do this following options are available. Please note that if the option to display the signs of the zodiac, only the current month is available from perfomance reasons available.

Always show previous month (starting from the current month)
Always show the current month (Standard)
Always show next month (starting from the current month)
Fixed date entered:

Step 2 – Information on the Moon

Do you want to see the current times of moonrise and moonset.

display current times of moonrise and moonset

indicate the constellation where the moon is currently located
   astrological (signs of the zodiac)

Note Please note that during the generation of astronomical images of the moon or the sun can stand in a constellation that does not belong to the zodiac sign. In this case, no icon in the calendar is displayed for the moon or the sun.

Step 3 - Sunrise / Sunset

Here you specify whether you want to have the current time of sunrise or sunset be displayed.

display times of sunrise and of sunset

indicate the constellation where the sun is currently located
   astrological (signs of the zodiac)

Note Please note that during the generation of astronomical images of the moon or the sun can stand in a constellation that does not belong to the zodiac sign. In this case, no icon in the calendar is displayed for the moon or the sun.

Step 4 – Phases of the Moon

You may specify whether you want the display of the phases of the moon. You may further embed the respective time of day.

display main phases of the moon   display associated date

Step 5 – Time Zone / Geographic Location

Please select you time zone here. Note that all times on display in the Moon-Tool will refer to the time zone you select here.

time zonee use daylight-saving-time DST consider

Geographic longitude   degrees   minutes   seconds   East (use letter O) / West  
Geographic latitude    degrees   minutes   seconds   North / South  

Step 6 - Presentation

font Size px (7 to 14)

text colour (Hexidezimal) or RGB scheme (red / green / blue)     

background colour (Hexidezimal)       

Please indicate which type of colour scheme you selected!
RGB (red / green / blue)

Important! Please note that for each day the inner filling is always black. Each day, however, is provided with a gap. For technical reasons a transparent switch of the inner filling is not possible. The text color within this window is also not changeable.
Is best to test with their own needs with the changeable colors themselves around a bit.

You find information and help on the effective selection of colours here:

Step 7 - Proposals / Newsletter for Innovations

I keep on working on the further improvement of this free service, and to enhance it by implementing additional useful functions.

Would you like to keep in touch with the current state of Moon-Tool and be informed on its latest innovations?

If so, drop me an Email with the reference "Moon-Tool - Newsletter. I will inform you about any changes and enhancements of the tool.and the associated service.

You you do decide not use the tool, e. g. because you find that it lacks certain options you require, deop me an Email via the contact form. I am always open to read your suggestions!



The following preview diagram is the result of your settings.
Note that the red frame of that preview is meant to indicate that it is a preview. This red frame will not appear on your homepage!.

Important: The graph shown here is reduced in case of insufficient width of the screen in the preview! This applies mostly to whenever the zodiac signs are displayed for both sun and moon. To get an idea of ​​the right size, you can click Preview. This is then loaded into a new browser window as an individual image.

Der Mondkalender mit allen Mondphasen im Monatsverlauf

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Your support for my homepage

Since 8 years I offer my popular moon tool for free and without advertising. It is called daily over 30.000 times.
To this end I continue to develop my homepage and offer beside a moon map many further possibilities with active contents. I finance my project privately. I would be very happy if you support it with a small donation for the running operation :-)
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